Before coming to Bali, my fiancé has always talked about this great artist in Indonesia named Bachtz. She’s shown me his work multiple times, and I told myself I have to meet this artist and get the piece she’s been dreaming of.

Bachtz is a creative artist based in Canguu, Indonesia. He moved to Bali 11 years ago from Jakarta to pursue his passion for fine arts.

When he started his life in Canguu, he was managing five restaurants for visual merchandising, social media, and graphic design, but as an artist, he knew that wasn’t his calling. He wanted to pursue what he was passionate about, and so he left his 9-5 and pursued freelance. We talked about sacrifices that are involved with being an artist, and how this life is a hard path to walk on. As a freelance artist, he talked about how at times money wasn’t always a handful, but the sacrifices are rewarding because he was building a life that he is in control of. He said “ Money is better in Jakarta but that money doesn’t make me happy. I find happiness with my art and it comes with sacrifices, you cannot have everything” 

Before he got known for tattooing in Bali, he was making designs for people to get tattooed by other artists, and taking freelance jobs that involve graphic design for local restaurants. He then started transitioning his art to tattooing by first practicing on synthetic skin. He shared with us the youtube channel (tattoo university channel) that he used to learn the anatomy of skin before practicing on a person. Nine months ago, he tattooed his first client which was his roommate’s girlfriend. He started getting more clients and traction on his social media (@BACHTZ) because of his unique style and precise lines. He stated, “tattooing and graphic design are very similar. I love combining ideas in one piece because it diversifies the art piece and makes it more personal to his clients that it’s not just a tattoo.”

Bachtz 4

Bachtz is very eager to see the world. His goal is to step on 5 continents and he hopes he can use tattooing as his outlet. “I dream to go to Europe in the fall, and pass by Italy, France, Germany, Vienna, and Austria then America.”  On top of Bachtz’s bucket list is to visit New York City and tattoo at Bang Bang NYC (@bangbangnyc). This is his dream studio because there are so many talented artists there and he met one of them here in Bali.

He wants to see the world to get inspiration for his paintings and his art by touching these places personally. “It’s different to see these places in photos, you don’t feel the culture and I want to feel it and understand it for myself”.  As an artist, I myself can understand where he is coming from. To feel and learn about cultures from different places of the world can expand your perspective, not just in art, but also teach you how to understand people and why they act a certain way. Culture shapes individuals physically and psychologically. Once you see these things for yourself, you get a perspective that will not only change how you react to things but also be an inspiration for your passion. Bachtz said himself, “The more you see an artist’s work, the more your inner senses and perspective expand.”

Based out of Cangu, Indonesia
Core Creative
Tattoo Artist

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