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A Quick Escape from the Hustle and Bustler of the City at Treehouse De Valentine

A Quick Escape from the Hustle and Bustler of the City at Treehouse De Valentine

Sometimes, all you need is a few days away from your busy environment to keep your sanity and soul intact. Stress-relieving can come in the form of a hobby, people, or even a place. Treehouse De Valentine served as that place for me at a time when stress was slowly overtaking my life.

About two hours away from the busy streets of Central Cebu, one will find this stunning treehouse nestled among nature in its organic form. Do note, however, that the road to this beautiful destination can get quite tricky with the multiple swerves and rough roads our cars had to face. However, the stressful journey was all worth it and became a minor inconvenience to the beauty awaiting us.

Upon arrival, I honestly could not stop gasping in awe from the very moment the doors were opened. There were too many things that stunned me about this place. Was it the fact that the sounds of nature (the river flowing, the leaves rustling, and the singing insects) welcomed me? Was it the feeling of being transported to a place away from our daily lives? Or was it the fact that the whole place was ours, and no other treehouses or guests were in sight? At that moment, I knew that the next hours would give us the breather we were looking for.

This was honestly the very first house I visited that felt so natural. True to its name, the treehouse was wood transformed into the coziest accommodation one could think of. It had three distinct floors specifically made for different forms of relaxation. The top floor was dedicated to sleeping with two separate rooms complete with queen-sized beds and additional beds/couches that could accommodate all of us. It also had a bathroom with a bathtub revealing a breathtaking view of the river. The second floor had another room and bath while housing the common spaces such as the dining table, the living room, and more stunning views of the trees and the river. Finally, the lower ground was our access to our very own private river. After a quick inspection of the place, we honestly could not decide which activity to do first.

We spent most of the afternoon catching up and experiencing the cool of the river. The water felt so refreshing after that long travel under the heat of the sun. Night time came and we enjoyed our dinner–lechon (a Cebu must try!) and seafood over hearty conversations filled with laughter. Do note though, that the place also offers a few meals for a cost, but we chose to bring our own food to better enjoy the experience.

Of course, no vacation is complete without booze. Thankfully, Treehouse De Valentine allows liquor and even provides multiple ways of enjoying your stay, such as unlimited karaoke and speakers. Extra points for the fact that we were close to isolated, so songs were sung until the wee hours of the morning without any angry neighbors complaining. We were also fortunate enough to be blessed with rain that elevated the entire experience of being one with nature.

The next morning, we were greeted with the stillness of our surroundings. I found myself setting up my yoga mat in one of their terraces for a peaceful practice among nature. Since everyone was still asleep, I also spent some alone time in a rocking chair with one book in hand and a cup of warm coffee in the other. To say I was rejuvenated is an understatement.

Our accommodation also came with free breakfast where you get to choose among famous Filipino meals—danggit (dried fish), tocino, chorizo, corned beef, and spam. Thus, the late risers were greeted with a delicious breakfast. We then spent the rest of the morning either plunging in the cold waters or enjoying the place in our own ways.

Treehouse De Valentine truly gave us the quiet escape we’ve been desperate for. For a friendly price of Php 16,000 (for 8 people), we not only experienced nature in its untouched form but we were also provided with the little luxuries of modern life with top-notch service (the caretaker was super friendly). A fair warning though, come equipped with insect repellants since it’s a treehouse with no windows and very open access to the fresh air (and the friendly bugs that come along with it). The internet was also down the entire evening, but I believe it made the entire stay much more intimate.

This place also offers two other treehouses to accommodate smaller crowds or those looking for the aircon.  You may check out their Facebook page ( ) for more details.

Catherine Castillo

Catherine Castillo

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