Gothenburg, Sweden

Our Upper House Hotel and Spa

Our Upper House Hotel and Spa

When I was planning the surprise birthday trip for my partner, I wanted to go with a hotel that would truly treat us to the occasion. I planned a month ahead, rather meticulously I might add, and came across the only hotel that promised us elegance and grandeur: Upper House Gothenburg. An exclusive 5-star spa hotel that touches on perfection, Upper House Gothenburg truly astonished me with its hospitality. Let me take the opportunity to quip how amazing Sofia and Tilda of the concierge were; so patient, so understanding and extremely diligent with their work. They helped me make the plan go exactly as I dreamt. 

My partner and I were to arrive at different times, and normally hotels are a fuss with these things, but imagine my relief when my partner called me at 3 PM and told me the check-in had gone perfectly! And when I sauntered in straight from the airport in the late evening, the entire process was smoother than my partner’s words. A shout out to Jana from services who handled our luggage with care and had it stored and settled before we popped in. There’s nothing like feeling secure and relaxed with the help of people like you.

One step into our room and I was smitten; something about luxurious bedding, gorgeous furniture, and a really ergonomic design made it look just better. The hotel had also given us a personalized welcome and introduction to the place. The bath was amazing; completely stocked with toiletries and anything we’d need; though I do think a weighing scale should be added.

The atmosphere added to the festive weather; there were twinkling lights everywhere and massive Christmas trees which could be marked from the window. And did I mention we could see the Liseberg Ferris Wheel too?

It was tough to make a decision to sightsee with a room like ours but we didn’t want to waste our time, so we headed out immediately. We came quite late, and the hotel was extremely understanding about that too!

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The next morning, we requested an in-room breakfast. We were extremely tired and couldn’t muster the strength to move, which is why Ellen of housekeeping really made her place in our hearts. The hotel was booked, and the staff was very busy so she took it upon herself to serve our food, and let me just add, with Ellen’s contagious smile, Gothenburg view and a luxurious breakfast spread, you really couldn’t ask for a better morning.

The hotel had also been very earnest in pleasing us and planned a spa day for us. We were stoked and couldn’t have asked for better timing. We were given a tour and learned the spa had won awards for its services. Obviously, many hotels claim big things but once I was given the full spa experience, I realized this hotel does not hold back. The spa is also known for its protruding glass-bottomed outdoor pool, and even the complimentary products provided to us gave me stellar results and I loved the way they felt on my skin. 

For dining, we opted for the in-house menu, and I must say, I’m so glad we did. Both breakfast and dining menus gave us nothing to complain about; each dish was seasoned to perfection and made everything better.

The sweet and delicious breakfast on the third day concluded the entire trip for us: lovely and heavenly. You’ll never meet a hotel as thoughtful as this. We’d parked our car at the hotel but since there were a lot of guests and because we had to explore, the valet had to keep moving our car. For this, we were expecting grunt remarks and a sour mood, but boy were we pleasantly surprised. And, when we set off, we found that the hotel had left us a water bottle in the car and a greeting card too! Honestly, if you’ve got plans for Gothenburg, I think you’d be mad to not stay here!

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Catherine Castillo

Catherine Castillo

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