Shelter Cafe a Plant-Based Paradise

Shelter Cafe a Plant-Based Paradise

One of the most important things to my fiancé and me while traveling is access to healthy and fresh living foods. When we’re traveling from one country to the next, I do a ton of research to find the best-reviewed and cleanest restaurants in the area I’m visiting. I never considered myself a ‘foodie’ until recently, when I realized how much energy I put into this and how it fills me with joy! With Patrick just beginning his journey with veganism, I get excited to show him just how amazing plant-based foods can be. The quote that comes to mind is “you are what you eat”, so I always strive to eat the best of the best.

Shelter Cafe (@shelterseminyak) in Bali falls right into that category. I first heard about them on Instagram and I caught myself drooling over their feed. After doing more research, I knew the hype was real. Not only do the good folks at Shelter make all of their own dipping sauces, almond/coconut/cashew milks, and desserts in-house, but they also cater to gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan lifestyles. We couldn’t wait to visit them when we got to Seminyak!

When you reach the top of the stairs of the cafe, it feels like you’ve entered a huge tree house made with bamboo, filled with lush greenery and plants hanging from the ceiling. Bob Marley and The Mighty Diamonds playing on the sound system made us feel right at home.

We started our meal with an elixir called Bright Eyes. A refreshing mix of watermelon, mint, and lime. Next up, were the cauliflower fries served with the yummiest basil lemon dressing. The breaded cauliflower was fried to perfection, definitely, a must-try item on the menu.

When we saw the waffle being brought out, both of our jaws dropped to the floor. Covered with mixed berries, mini Oreos, crushed almonds, and whipped blueberry coconut cream, you won’t believe this waffle is 100% plant-based. It’s perfectly sweet, not overbearing, or too much at all.

Shelter Cafe Food 12 1
Shades of Shelter

Patrick’s favorite dish was a platter called Shades of Shelter. Enough for two to share, this platter was filled with falafels, pita bread, veggies, and a plethora of spreads. His top three dips were their homemade salsa, beetroot feta whip, and tahini.

Shelter Cafe Food 6 2
Soul Fuel Bowl

Now time for my absolute favorite dish we tried, the Soul Fuel Bowl. Full of nourishing veggies, grains, and legumes, including quinoa, carrots, chickpeas, avocado, falafel, and more. Topped with three house-made dressings, this bowl is every vegan’s dream and is a great bang for your buck, leaving you full and ready for your busy day ahead.

Other notable items are the Veg-Ooo burger, which is topped with unique beetroot hummus, served with crunchy fries and house-made ketchup. The house-made spring rolls are incredibly fresh and filled with sprouts, carrots, and beets. If you love spring rolls like us, definitely grab this appetizer. 

Last but not least was dessert, and I had been looking forward to this since before we even arrived. The vegan Nutella milkshake had been calling my name for days from the photos online. I mean, doesn’t everybody choose what they’re going to have for dessert days in advance? Anyways, this magical concoction of homemade hazelnut butter melted vegan dark chocolate, soaked oats and dates was better in real life than in my dreams. We also had a slice of the snickers cheesecake, which is dairy-free and somehow tastes scarily close to a snickers bar. We’re not sure what kind of magic goes on in that kitchen, but we’re impressed.

Not only was the food to die for, but the service was great and everyone working in the establishment was so kind.

Thank you again Sofia and Elisabeth for having us at @shelterseminyak

Kahala Castillo

Kahala Castillo

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