Excitement Engulfs The Beyhive As Queen Bey Finally Announces The Release Date For Her Renaissance Album


Queen Bey decided to reclaim her social media fame when she stirred up her BeyHive fans ahead of her anticipated seventh music album.

The decorated music diva adjusted her profile picture on all her official social media channels, including Instagram to a plain black image. This is an unmistakable sign that something new is about to drop and you can expect a new Beyoncé album.

The keyword “RENAISSANCE” surfaced last summer during an interview when the Queen herself made public interviews about working on new music. It has taken almost six years since we had Lemonade, but the feeling of a new Beyoncé album still seems to be different.

This long-awaited sixteen-track album has been teased to millions of her followers across her social media pages and has now been spread by the three major streaming providers, namely Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal on their Twitter handles.

Queen Bey Tidal Album Release

This is indeed a new album! “RENAISSANCE” is rumored to be released in several tranches with “act i” dropping on the 29th of July 2022 via Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia Records. Most certainly, the Queen does not drop new music in the usual long-player format. We have to remain a bit curious!

News about the album has arrived just in time as Beyoncé revealed her British Vogue cover shoot. Some things truly don’t just happen, she must have been planning this media overturn for quite some time.

What we know about RENAISSANCE

As we await the official unveil of “act i” to the world on the 29th of July, we already know that this album has sixteen tracks – all done with inspiration for celebrating the creativity of black culture and the brilliant artists who have influenced the world through their music. There have been a couple of injustices that have happened over the years, Queen Bey has come off as an activist for these many injustices against black culture in the US. She has made her stand clear in one of her previous interviews that she wants to be part of the “Renaissance”.

For the loyal Beyhives, this album has been made available for Pre-add on your Apple Music or Pre-Save on your Spotify and Tidal. Currently, for just $39.99, you will be part of the excited crew that has already started receiving the Renaissance box sets. You can also order pre-order yours exclusively on her website.

The box set includes a graphic t-shirt, the album, and some other additional visuals. To be precise; a four-panel softpak, a 28-page photo album, and one Beyoncé mini-poster. Is that all? Yes, that’s all you have for $39.99. This is not surprising for an artist like Beyonce. Many of her fans have flocked to her Ivy Park collection which consists of merchandise worth $200. 

Who else is expected to feature on this Album?

Rumor spread earlier about a few features from major pop artists such as; Rihanna, Ariana Grande and a few more notable names. This has not been confirmed by the pop star, hence regard it as a hear-say.

Many Rihanna fans have taken their wrath on social media platforms like Twitter to express their views about having her feature on Renaissance. The majority find this boring and wish it doesn’t even happen. However, it’s still too early for us to rule out the possibility of these two great artists coming together.

Just like many other Beyoncé albums that have made their way to the global scene over her thirty-two-year music career, the Queen has mastered the music biz and how to hype up her upcoming projects. Sure, there have been six years since her previous music album, but on the music charts, her songs still stand strong in people’s memories. It is pretty hard to knock Beyoncé’s work ethic off the rails.

For an artist with such talents, she is arguably one of the greatest artists of this generation who can capture notes many other artists can’t. She actually does this while dancing for hours in most of her music videos. Her dedication to dancing is one of the gifts which make her such a great entertainer. She practices for hours a day before tours to make sure everything is right and doesn’t let a mistake go unnoticed. Compared to other singers – Queen Bey goes above and beyond in this department.

Recognized as one of the greatest musical artists of all time, Beyoncé has grown well beyond just an entertainer. Born in Houston, the singer-songwriter unveils the third decade of her career with her forthcoming seventh studio album. She has maintained her status as an international icon representative of power, confidence, and activism. Boasting numerous Grammy and Billboard Awards, dozens of records, countless sold-out tours, and two of the most-watched Super Bowl performances of all time.

This time, she has also been honoured with the front page of British Vogue (July 2022 issue) and was visited by one of the writers from the prestigious magazine in her home recording studio. Edward Enninful shared about his time with the pop diva, including his thoughts about her upcoming album.“When she played her album, Instantly, a wall of sound hits me. Soaring vocals and fierce beats combine and in a split second I’m transported back to the clubs of my youth. I want to get up and start throwing moves.” ~ Enninful

What more to expect

Possibly; concert dates, tour schedule, or a couple of music videos. It’s really hard to predict how this plays out after the world has received the news about the album. However, with the experience of an artist such as Beyoncé, her successful career is a testament to her ability to adapt and outlast all the buzz around her. We could be having a Beyoncé concert in 2022.

Keep following the news about Renaissance because the Queen is not going anywhere soon. She has lived to become one of the most talented music artists alive, and this isn’t changing anytime soon.


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