We live in a time that we take so many photos but never a hard copy of that memory, to a point that we either lose these memories because our phones break or it gets lost in the cloud void. We partnered with Polaroid Originals to test out their new Polaroid Lab.

The Polaroid lab uses a 3-lens system to expose the image on our phones onto the Lab and uses their unique chemical process to develop an image with the same old-school look. After playing with this device for about 2 weeks, I’ve definitely fallen in love with this product.

My parents came to visit Maui for the first time for a week on New Years’ day. I was grateful to start my 2020 this way. Growing up my father and mother took a lot of photos and had a hard copy of those memories with them forever. In my case, I don’t have many hard copy photos of my parents, only digital. So for a week, I brought them around the island with Kahala and took photos of them. Going home, I opened the Polaroid Lab and printed these photos of my parents.

The winner of the Polaroid Lab flew into Maui 2 days ago, and we were able to meet up and talk about Polaroid and what she thinks about the Lab! Vanessa said that she loves the Lab. Having a little one and another one on the way, she said it will be very useful and she will use it to keep memories of her children. The design of the Lab is very sleek and minimal, which fits any place in your home. It is so compatible that you can bring it with you. The battery life in the Lab is also amazing. I printed many photos with one charge, and it still does not need any charging. So how easy is it to print with the Polaroid Lab? I think this product is very easy to learn to use, and is accessible to a broad range of users.

You simply download the Polaroid Originals App on the App Store on your phone. ( Compatible with both Apple and Android) Open the app, then select the photo you want to print. Press the black button on the right side of the Lab to turn it on and place your phone on the platform facing the lens, making sure it is straight. The Lab will start blinking if the phone is not placed on the platform correctly. Lastly, press the red button to print your photo. The combination of mirrors and light transforms your projected picture into a Polaroid Film.

I believe this product is perfect for everyone. Having this tool one can create a hard copy of trips, family gatherings, and many more. After only a few weeks of having the Lab, it’s been so much fun printing photos to have around the house and to give to our guests visiting a piece of their trip that they can hold onto forever. Polaroid has been such a huge part of photographic history, and I think it’s great to have this new product to introduce to the next generation, keeping that classic instant photo alive.

Thank you Laura and the team at PolaroidOriginals.

Dane Berg

Dane Berg

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