Rihanna Steals The Spotlight In Rapper A$Ap Rocky’s Latest Video For His Single Dubbed “D.m.b”


It seems like Rihanna has been and continues to be integral to rapper A$AP Rocky’s musical success. This might not be changing any time soon!

Whereas mixing romance and business is, in general, less common now for many music artists than it has been historically, A$AP Rocky fully disagrees in his latest music video for his latest single “D.M.B”.

Rakim Athelaston Mayers (A$AP Rocky) announced his upcoming album titled “All $miles” which is anticipated to drop before the end of 2022. Off this forthcoming album is his latest single “D.M.B,” a song for the woman of his life – Rihanna. “D.M.B” actually comes off as an acronym for “DAT$ MAH B!*$H” or also meaning “That’s my B**ch”. This is a true reflection of the rapper’s pride when it comes to being in a full-time relationship with the billionaire pop diva.

The video for this single “D.M.B” dropped originally on the 5th of May 2022, a few weeks before the couple welcomed their first-born child. Just before the video was released to the rest of the world, there had been a couple of rumors about a possible wedding between the two artists.

This however was not true but rather a preparation for the music video that has since then received over 21 million views on YouTube. In almost every scene of this video, there are flattering events from the almost cinematic visuals which portray the love between these two artists. After all, A$AP tells a “ghetto love tale” – this could probably be a hint to even something bigger. And by the way, the explanation for the seemingly blunt song title remains a mystery for us all.

With an outstanding video and amazing production, the American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, model, actor and music video director boastfully hit back at his critics as he features moments of his arrests in his latest video. Even though this may seem like a fragile count of events, memories such as those say a lot about A$AP’s ingenuity in the rap game. Take it as irony!

To show the more introspective side of A$AP Rocky, the rapper publicized a ton of events in his video which some people think of as being humble and pensive while others find it boastful. We regard this as being a charismatic rapper. The lyrics of the song depict his lyricism and how poetic he can be when it comes to delivering. His fashion sense throughout the video receives a 10/10, and that is for the fact that he acknowledges sharing his wardrobe with bae – Rihanna.

With the link below, you can watch the full D.M.B video from YouTube and witness how the two lovers fight their way through the world as a couple in the best ride-or-die manner. After this A$AP Rocky project, we might be surprised by a Rihanna album since the music video aroused her desire to get into the studio once again. Finger crossed!

Link: https://youtu.be/0NzlbBmkM3E


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