Sandmarc 16mm Wide-Angle Lens

Sandmarc 16mm Wide-Angle Lens

A Journey through the bay

We recently partnered up with SANDMARC to showcase their new 16mm wide-angle attachment lens and hybrid ND/PL filters for the new Apple iPhone 11 Pro. SANDMARC is a company that is focused on inspiring travelers and creatives to capture and create content as easily and efficiently as possible. They strive to positively impact the creative community with their products, for their users to create to their full potential. Their products are made with high-quality, durable materials with a sleek design.

“As creatives dive more into their craft, there is a never ending conversation about gear. The debate that investing in gear to climb to that next level, or investing in your skill sets. The camera is only a tool and it’s the job of a creative to create starting from a blank canvas.“
Earlier this month one of our creatives Justin Ortiz went to a local meet-up along Davenport Beach, hosted by Bayshooters, to try out Sandmarc’s wide-angle lens and hybrid filters.
“I had my My iPhone 11 Pro handy, which is already stocked with a 12-megapixel sensor and 3 different focal length camera – ultra-wide angle lens (13mm f/2.4),  standard lens (26mm, f/1.8), and a telephoto lens (52mm f/2.0). In addition, I had Sandmarc’s 16mm wide-angle attachment lens and hybrid ND/PL (16, 32, 64 stop) filters at hand. As the sun began to set, everyone pulled out their DSLRs. I resorted to my iPhone and Sandmarc’s 16mm wide-angle lens which could easily attach to my phone accompanied by their phone case. As soon as I pointed the camera, I was blown away by the images I took that day.”

“It felt like I had my Sony in my hands. Personally having a 16mm focal length was perfect, yet the iPhone has a 13mm ultra wide-angle. It caused some distortion along the edges that I didn’t want for the image. Having those extra 3mm really made a difference. Sandmarc’s 16mm lens is multi-coated and multi-element glass, to provide high-quality images.”

“Yet, whenever the sun was overpowering, I simply added the appropriate hybrid filter directly onto the lens. In turn, it helped the image maintain color and not overexpose the image, making it much easier to edit on either my go-to editing mobile apps VSCO or Lightroom mobile. If you’re just out and about, all you need is your phone and a Sandmarc lens in hand wouldn’t hurt. Regardless of gear set up, the best camera you have is the one you have in your hand.“

The glass that Sandmarc uses for their iPhone lenses are made with premium multi-coated optics that helps deliver sharp and stunning visual media. The 16mm lens is their ultra-wide lens, which comes with the world’s thinnest case, a clip mount, and two times more field of view. With this lens, you are able to utilize the night mode with the standard lens of the new iPhone 11, since the stock-wide lens does not let you use night mode. Another feature that we love about this lens, is that you get two times wider range on your front camera, which is very useful for a lot of content creators and vloggers that want to get more of their surroundings. The neutral density & polarizer filter in one is amazing as well. This hybrid filter is designed to be very durable and multipurpose, which improves your control over your iPhone camera. When your gear is accessible, you can create with ease. Overall, we love this product and would highly recommend it to our community.

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Much Love to our friends at SANDMARC

Dane Berg

Dane Berg

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