“True Love” — Collaboration Between Ye And Departed Rapper Xxxtentacion Still Ranks Up High

“True Love” — Collaboration Between Ye and Departed Rapper XXXTentacion Still Ranks Up High

On the 27th of May 2022, a collaboration between rap/fashion icon Kanye West (Ye) and the departed rapper XXXTentacion surfaced on all major music streaming platforms – one day after the streaming service Hulu announced the distribution of Look At Me: XXXTentacion.

Artwork created by Ye himself, “True Love” was originally released on DONDA 2, which was made exclusively on the Stem Player back in February. On the 15th of March 2022, the Look At Me: XXXTentacion documentary premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Film and Music enthusiasts were blown away by the original soundtracks in the documentary which featured True Love and other tracks by XXXTentacion & Melisa McGregor.

Borrowed from the handwritten diary entries of XXXtentacion, Ye designed the perfect song cover for his track that has since then been well received by so many of his fans. On the track “True Love,” the two rappers tell of the pain associated with woeful love relationships. The single marked the third collaboration between these two artists after One Minute and Everything We Need. Wishfully, there could be some other collaborations held onto in studio by Ye – simply hard to tell though since X succumbed to gunshot wounds back in 2018.

Lately, Ye had focused much of his musical prowess on creating music that is uplifting – Gospel. His music is enriching. He makes sounds that get rusty gears running again. Listening to Ye’s music is a whole mix of rage, sadness, joy, and depression but everything turns into hope. Even a dreaded run on the treadmill instantly becomes a fight to the death with Ye.

With “True Love,” there is an awe-inspiring feeling of countless hours of productivity as the rappers went off to make a great hit. Many times, rappers like Ye and X are quickly judged for their character but when you listen to the message in their lyrics, you will notice that there is always a silver lining.

Columbia Records announced back in May, that “True Love” is represented on both Ye’s DONDA 2 album and also doubles as the soundtrack LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM for the Look At Me: XXXTentacion documentary. This documentary celebrated on the 26th of May and distributed by Hulu. You can catch the official trailer of the documentary by following the link right below;

We all like a face-value artist who does great goods and admits to wrongs when they happen, instead of trying to get people to believe in a perfect version of themselves.

But more importantly, when artists such as Ye and X come together to make great music, it’s evident that the world is going to love the music.

“True Love” ranks currently among some of the biggest rap hits and has become a personal favorite for many Hip-Hop heads.


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