Get Peached at the Peached Tortilla

Get Peached at the Peached Tortilla

We came in on a Saturday evening and the place was bustling. The ambiance is casual but modern, clean, and cozy. We strolled past the bar on the way to our table, it was packed to the brim, and everyone engaged in conversation while enjoying their libations. That’s one thing that never gets old about Austin – it’s easy to spark up a conversation with strangers. People are warm and inviting, and that energy is certainly felt here.

We’d been looking forward to visiting The Peached Tortilla for our #HeaterEats series. Their backstory is quite impressive. The restaurant started as a food truck in 2010, serving up Asian and southern-inspired fare. Over the last decade, they’ve transitioned to a brick and mortar, opened an event space and a bar on west 6th. They’re also serving up tacos at the airport, have a full-service catering company and have even released a cookbook – Chef Eric Silverstein has been a busy man.

We can see why everyone wants a taste of that “peached” flavor. Under the influence of Silverstein’s childhood in Japan as well as his teenage years in Georgia, the Southern-Asian fusion restaurant’s menu is packed with unique and delicious dishes that will leave your tastebuds trying to decipher what end of the spectrum that came from.

We started our evening off with a few cocktails. The smoke screen really stood out to us, a mezcal margarita-y vibe that lives up to its name. Smokey with a pop of pomegranate and a togarashi salt rim. Next up we had the pork belly buns, served with that extra thick slab of pork belly, and Moms Toast, an Asian take on Texas toast. Chopped shrimp and ground pork mingles with gochujang chili sauce and fresh herbs on toast, I’ve never experienced anything like it and it was a favorite among all of us at the table.

It wouldn’t be Asian food without noodles! The Southern Fun, a down south take on the classic Cantonese noodle dish chow fun. The star of the show, the Dan Dan noodles made with five spice pork and chili peanut sauce, left us yearning for more. Do not hesitate to up-level and add a side of chili crisp to any of these dishes we mentioned.

You know we couldn’t leave without tasting the tacos. We all know tacos are an Austin staple, but no ones doing it like they are at Peached. We tried one of each – the banh mi, bbq brisket and the cauliflower taco. The smoky roasted peach bbq sauce and creamy apple slaw on the brisket was a match made in heaven. Lastly, let’s talk about these crispy umami chicken wings. The fish sauce vinaigrette merges with the herbs and shallots, creating a wing you’ve never encountered before. Perfectly crispy and full of flavor.

For a one of a kind, flavorful and fun experience, we can’t recommend The Peached Tortilla enough. Be sure to check out their weekly specials, like fried chicken and whiskey every Wednesday, ramen night every Thursday and weekend brunch! Many thanks to the whole team at Peached, we look forward to visiting y’all again!

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Kahala Castillo

Kahala Castillo

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